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Earl Roy De Jesus's IT-Ethic Page

Page history last edited by Earl Roy De Jesus 2 years, 7 months ago

De Jesus, Earl Roy L.



Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines License.


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A Window to Online Ethics.pdf

A Window to Online Ethics.docx

# Essay Title Date Author
1 Using Facebook to Identify Potential Problem Drinkers, Is It Ever Justified?
July 24, 2017  Terri Williams
2 Social Media in the Wake of Disaster   October 12, 2017  Nikki Williams 
3 Who takes Ethical Responsibility for Social Media Influence
November 30, 2017  Kate Baucherel 
4 When a dictator goes online   February 8, 2018  Elena Rodina 
5 NCAA’s Clamp Down on Athletes’ YouTube Use: Out of Touch and Out of Control November 6, 2017 Randy Minkoff
6 The Ethics of Doxing Nazis October 12, 2017 Michael Cullinane
7 Teachers and Social Media: Join in or Defriend February 22, 2018 Michael Cullinane
8 Facebook is a media company, but what’s a media company March 6, 2018 Benjamin Van Loon
9 The Logan Paul Question: Teaching Teens Morality through Epic Fails March 21, 2018 Michael Cullinane
10 The Role of Social Media in Adolescent or Teen Depression and Anxiety April 3, 2018 Terri Williams
11 Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Why Your Data is Still for Sale June 7, 2018 Karis Hustad
12 How Big is Big Tech September 24, 2018 David Stockdale
13 Proximity Marketing: Often Creepy but It Doesn't Have to Be October 26, 2017 Nora Dunne
14 Implanting Microchips: Sign of Progress or Mark of the Beast November 15, 2017 Terri Williams
15 The Negative Lottery: Equifax and the Lost Art of Risk Management December 11, 2017 David Stockdale
16 Is It a Feature Is it a Bug No, It’s an Antifeature January 16, 2018 Owen King
17 Live streaming and live tweeting: a pragmatic approach to ethical considerations July 27, 2018 Bastiaan Vanacker
18 Sentence by Numbers: The Scary Truth Behind Risk Assessment Algorithms May 7, 2018 Nikki Williams
19 Who can be trusted with our personal data November 19, 2018 Kate Baucherel
20 Why We Should Hold Facebook Responsible for Fake News March 22, 2017 David Stockdale


Protecting Leakers in the Digital Age June 7, 2017 Bastiaan Vanacker
22 Digital Connect: Sharing Experiences with Parents Benefits Children’s Media Literacy October 16, 2017 Jabari Evans
23 Gold! Gold! Gold from the Blockchain River! April 20, 2018 Kate Baucherel
24 Toward an ethic of personal technologies April 7, 2017 Rhema Zlaten
25 Is Your Use of Cloud Services Heating up the Earth August 20, 2019 Molly Kozlowski
26 Is Big Data Corrupting the US Election Process September 8, 2019 Molly Kozlowski
27 Digital Ethics in the Real World September 22, 2010 Frank Durham
28 Self-Driving Car Ethics October 10, 2018 Karis Hustad
29 From the Newsroom to the Television screen: the blurred line between news and entertainment September 26, 2019 Randy Minkoff
30  The message is the medium March 24, 2011 Steve Finch
31 Software Vulnerabilities April 7, 2011 Jesse Young
32 Advocating Ethical Design May 20, 2011 Jan Fletcher
33 Business Communications and Transparency April 20, 2011 Clare Fitzgerald
34 The Rise of Snark May 2, 2011

Wade Malcolm

35 Comments and Censorship June 3, 2011 John Thomas
36 British Tabloids July 20, 2011 Don Wycliff
37 How much can you trust what you find on the web August 24, 2011 John Thomas
38 Online Polls September 16, 2011 John Thomas
39 The Neda Video June 20, 2011 Bob Herman
40 The curator’s challenge: Balancing new tools and traditional journalism ethics August 9, 2011 Meg Heckman
41 Invasions of Privacy in Virtual Reality Journalism September 20, 2016 Paulina Haselhurst
42 What the Attack on Doris Truong Teaches Us about Critical Thinking in the Age of Fake News January 13, 2017 Jill Geisler
43 Snapchat: A Powerful Tool for Gathering and Distributing News January 25, 2017 Nora Dunne
44 Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence July 24, 2017

Kate Baucherel

45 Why We Should Hold Ourselves Responsible for Fake News March 8, 2017 Benjamin Van Loon
46 The Ethics of Digital Face-Swapping April 24, 2019 Benjamin Van Loon
47 Accuracy and ethics in reporting the Boston bombing July 2, 2018

Randy Minkoff

48 The Ethics of Online Scoring Systems for Art March 6, 2012 *No Author Listed*
49 Purchasing Twitter and Facebook Followers March 13, 2012 Isabel Eva Bohrer
50 Robot Ethics March 27, 2012 Isabel Eva Bohrer


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